BioNOOX intends to become the LEADING PROVIDER of THERAPEUTICS addressing HIGH UNMET MEDICAL NEEDS in SEVERE SKIN INFLAMMATION DISORDERS impacting patients’ lives and treatment outcomes


 BioNOOX develops innovative therapeutics to address HIGH UNMET MEDICAL NEEDS in SEVERE SKIN INFLAMMATION DISORDERSimpacting patients’ lives and treatment outcomes







“The last few decades have seen a dramatic improvement in the survival of breast cancer patients, due largely to treatment escalation, especially with the addition of new drugs such as targeted agents. Whilst a greater number of patients now survive breast cancer, attention must switch to improving patients quality of life (QoL), limiting morbidity without compromising patient survival, and avoiding unnecessary overtreatment. Trials focusing on treatment de-escalation are therefore of growing importance.” ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) 2018 Congress Daily Reporter, 21.10.2018 Breast cancer : effective treatments but severe side effects

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BioNOOX develops highly innovative products with medical purposes. Founded in 2011, BioNOOX Therapeutics is a Swiss biopharmaceutical company led by an experienced team with a proven track record in biotech startup build-up with strong growth and value creation. BioNOOX Therapeutics have developed an innovative and proprietary approach to prevent and treat skin inflammation disorders which affect hundreds of millions of people in the world. The clinical development program focuses on supportive care in inflammatory skin disorders, induced e.g. by anticancer therapies, autoimmune diseases or infectious diseases. Those skin inflammations are not properly addressed with the current management options, leaving affected patients with high unmet needs. One of the strengths of BioNOOX is the development of partnerships with several research institutions, to fasten the R&D activities and BioNOOX clinical development program.


BioNOOX Therapeutics’ approach is to develop and maintain a close partnership with various research institutions (academic research laboratories, clinics, pharmaceutical industry), to support efficiently R&D activities and quickly advance our clinical development program.


® NOOXYL® as preventive treatment of radiation dermatitis NOOXYL® preserves skin integrity by avoiding the pro-inflammatory effects of ionizing radiation • NOOXYL® creates a protective layer that maintains skin integrity and reduces trauma and irritation to the irradiated site. • NOOXYL® inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and thus avoids the development of an acute inflammatory response. • NOOXYL® limits the global oxidizing stress leading to inflammation. • NOOXYL® prevent the compromised skin from infections thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. NOOXYL® as curative treatment of radiation dermatitis NOOXYL® regenerates skin integrity by stopping the inflammatory process induced by radiotherapy. • NOOXYL® limits the inflammatory response and cell migration to the site of inflammation by regulating ROS and cytokines release • NOOXYL® creates a protective layer that promotes a moist wound healing environment, leading to a faster re-epithelialization of the skin post therapy. • NOOXYL® reduces pain, redness and swelling to avoid inflammatory worsening in the exposed skin areas. NOOXYL®, our initial formulation, besides providing a mechanical protection for the damaged skin (like current therapies), will also exert a polypharmacology action, particularly relevant to the pathophysiological processes described in radiation dermatitis and other cancer treatment side effects : - Reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging - Targeting of cytokine-mediated inflammation through inhibition of the STAT3 signaling pathway NOOXYL® targets cytokine-mediated inflammation through inhibition of the STAT3 signaling pathway. Cytokines are released when the skin is exposed to aggressions through radiotherapy, targeted cancer therapy, or infection. By inhibiting the release of those cytokines, NOOXYL® reduces the process of skin inflammation and its related toxicities.


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